Teenager skin alert! SOS skincare.... First up I have to say sorry for taking so long to blog!

I am starting with my skincare and why I am obsessed with the Foreo!! I have been using this for a few months and it has made a massive difference!

WHAT IS THE FOREO LUNA MINI 3 A waterproof silicone facial-cleansing device which pulsates to gently exfoliate and make your cleanser work more effectively.

Foreo is a brand that specialises in pro-level beauty technology so there’s some serious science behind this device. it cleverly cleanses and exfoliates skin, removing 99.5% of bacteria, dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells – far more than your hands and flannel are capable of.


The silicone is naturally resistant to bacteria, so unlike nylon cleansing brushes, you never have to replace it. All you need to do is give it a quick rinse after use.


1. I start by removing the majority of my makeup with a micellar water before dampening my face and massaging in a cream or gel cleanser.

2. Once my face is covered, I wet the Luna Mini 3 turn it on, and start moving it slowly in circular motions across my face until the pulsations stop. 3. Once finished, I use a hot muslin cloth to gently remove any residue before continuing with the rest of my routine.

MY VERDICT: After a couple of months of use, my face definitely feels less congested – and the Luna Mini 3 has totally changed the way I cleanse.

It forces me to clean my face for two minutes (which actually feels a lot longer than you’d think) On top of that, I’m getting all the benefits of exfoliation, but without the irritation I usually get from physical scrubs. I love exfoliation, but I’m also super aware that using abrasive scrubs isn’t ideal for my sensitive skin. Thanks to the sonic vibrations it exfoliates deeply, but is super gentle, I really love it! Hope you have enjoyed reading - Love Tallulah ❤️