Back in the U.S.A

So I said I would be back ASAP.... I am in a whirlwind with a little bit of jet lag!!!!! I have just landed from the most amazing trip to Orlando with my Dance school! 

We even managed to squeeze a cheeky day off and head to Universal studios -  

Harry Potters Butter beer !!!! It’s gross.......

With my dance teacher Davinia 

We entered 5 categories and I am beyond excited to tell you we won 5 awards! 1 Bronze and 4 Silver!!! 

We have had so much fun and I love my dance school and it has been so cool to be together 

Backstage before our third dance - This is the Greatest Show! 

Inspired by 2019 movie “

The Greatest Showman”

Me with Amelie and Blanca 

More behind the scenes for “Burn it Up”

The only downside was that earlier this year we entered Spain’s Got Talent and we were selected for the Semi finals - however filming clashed with Orlando and therefore we had to pull out but again this was an amazing experience and I feel very lucky to be a part of the Championship team. Hope you have enjoyed reading - Next week I am talking about my editorial with @tangereenemagazine Love Tallulah ♥️