Living the American dream... Sorry Guys! I have been super busy with dance and the carnival (check my insta) and decided to focus on my Instagram! Have been trying to get my followers up, but have missed the blog and so now I am back!!!

So I decided my first post of 2018 should be how 2018 started. Me and my family were all together in California for Christmas and we went skiing in Lake Tahoe for New Year! 

It was so cool and I loved being with all of the family and catching up with friends we made on our last summer vacation in 2015 

 I love America - so with that in mind I decided to use my Stars and Stripes bandana and do some new pictures! Oh and by the way... Asa my twin brother who takes my photos is now on Insta.... check him out @asa.bamber

Bandana, Jacket and Wide Stripe tracksuit flares all by @boohoo

Thank you for reading! Next up I will show you behind the scenes at London Fashion week...

Love Tallulah ♥️

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