As you know I am a sporty girl, and I love horse riding - so this weekend I had horse riding lessons and I am learning polo! Scary but exciting.

Polo is a team sport played on horseback. The objective is to score goals against the other team.  

Me with Brachan - who I am having my riding lessons on - My teacher is called Rob and he taught me how to jump. 

My kit is by @ariatinternational and I love it all as it's super soft but tight fitting yet sporty and quite modern.

Saturdays and Stable days are the best!!! I love being with the horses and can't wait for my lesson on Monday - will keep you posted on the Polo as it is tough and I have to do lots of practice, will also take lots of photos as it is at a different club but really pretty - can't wait for you to see...

Thank you for reading and I will keep you updated on my insta story...

Have a great week everyone 

Love Tallulah ♥️