Hey Guys,

Hope your having a good week! I wanted to share my day with you....

Everyday I run 2k and as you know I love @parkrunuk on a Saturday for doing 5k - running is so good for you and I love the way it makes me feel. 

I have been running since I was 5 and we as a family run everyday.

Adidas are my favourite trainers and I love seeing what @robinnyc wears as she has made sports clothes so cool.

I love all sports clothes and I have lots, but these are new from @primark - Remember, you can shop my blog and Instagram - ➡️

Today, at the running shop they measured my feet and also what trainers are best for me using this machine!!! 

After every run, I always stretch and for this I use @youtube - My daily favourite is this one: 

Happy Running everyone - if you haven't run before, give it a go and each day you can walk and run! build it up bit by bit! 

Thank you for reading

Love Tallulah ❤️