GIRLS IN BOYS CLOTHES (My brothers)!!!

So, there are some positives things in having brothers!!! Their clothes...

Because I'm the smallest (but not the youngest, I am 45 minutes older than my Twin - Asa)

I get 1st dibs on their stuff and thankfully for me they are growing super fast!!!

So today I decided to write about Girls in boys clothes!!! And steal Asa and Otto's stuff.

I really love Asa and Otto's clothes because they are cool and comfortable. I really like it if they are also a bit big as a T-shirt can be worn like a dress.

Sometimes when we go shopping I also buy boys stuff as so much can be worn by girls.

So give it a go mix and match and use your brothers stuff and send me your outfits via Instagram....

Otto's cap by @neweracap

Asa's T-shirt by @riverisland

Asa's trainers by @supergauk

My long socks by @sockshopuk

You can shop my Instagram -

Have a great FRIYAY and a fab weekend

Thank you for reading 

Love Tallulah xxx

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