I was so excited to go to Olly Murs concert and we got to go backstage and meet Olly and Louisa. Because we were in Ollys hometown of Colchester the BBC were doing a backstage show and if you click the link we are in it. I went with my friends and my twin brother Asa - we had such a great time! 

If you click the link for @BBCiplayer you can watch us with Olly here ➡️  https://t.co/JLrMyxYIhk?ssr=true

Filming behind the scenes before Olly and Louisa went on stage! 

With @Louisa

BBC were filming Backstage Pass 

This is Asa on the left and my friend Conan on the right

I am wearing Jacket by @Zara

Jeans by @riverisland 

@trainer boots by @manilagraceofficial

Olly and Louisa also performed their latest single - Unpredictable and you can download and buy it now ➡️ https://t.co/eUzATpI2Y3?ssr=true

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Have a good weekend everyone !!!

Love Tallulah ❤️

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