As you know, I love running but I also love dance - I dance about 6 to 8 hours per week and go to a great dance school called Davinia von Praagh in Ibiza. 

I auditioned to become part of the dance squad for the world dance championships and have made the group which is so exciting. Davinia is an amazing teacher and all the girls are so nice. 

I have always been able to do box splits but yesterday I practiced to do the front splits and be able to do them both ways and the practice paid off - I can now do them!!!!

This is my dance bag and I love it. It's from @apatchylondon and you can customise with logos or your initials- I love everything monogram! 

We do have uniform but during the holidays we train everyday for 5 hours - so for the month of July we do a total of 100 awesome hours and we have teachers from around the world teach us - it's so cool!!! 

Bag by @apatchylondon

Mesh T-shirt by @bershkacollection

Trainers by @adidas

Ibiza Dance Academy - Davinia von Praagh

Have a good weekend everyone!

Love Tallulah❤

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