Schools out for Summer! Before I started my summer dance camp we had my Grandma and Grandad staying. So we hit the beach and literally played all day! I love the sea and at this time of year it is so warm.

We went to Talamanca and decided to get my next blog post ready. Over the summer I am going to post more often. 

I love having long hair and I try and do different things and be creative with my hairstyles. Here I have a half up Top knot which looks good and are so easy to do as they are messy and good on the beach - I use You tube to get ideas and one of my favourites is by @zoella 

Emoji bracelet and hair bobbles - I love emoji's and these and my outfit were a present from America (Thank you Emma, I really love all of it) ❤️️ 

My outfit is a top with shorts and on the edges it has a really nice design. The shoes are the new @havaianaseurope so comfy and have a rubber sole like a flip flop. 

Top, shorts and Emoji bracelets and hair bands by @jcrew (crewcuts) Espadrilles by @havaianaseurope Beach bag by @saywhatyouc 

Beach bags are a must and this one is by @saywhatyouc it is a really great size and has knitted cherries attached to the front - it's so cute and not scratchy!!!!

Topknots are super easy - I always use dry powder at the root to help make it messy

 @vo5 is my favourite and makes beach days super easy!  

Happy summer Holidays everyone!

Love Tallulah ❤️️

Outfit details

Top, shorts and Emoji bracelets and hair bands by @jcrew (crewcuts)

Espadrilles by @havaianaseurope

Beach bag by @saywhatyouc

Hair powder by @vo5

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